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Human Highway, Devlin & Faded Paper Figures

10 Apr

Human Highway (Indie Rock)

Human Highway, the Canadian Indie Rock band, formed in 2008.  The band name was chosen in reference to Neil Young’s song “Human Highway.”  The band’s style is reminiscent of 1960s/1970s AM radio pop music.  The band was started by Jim Guthrie, who was on tour with the band Islands with second band member, Nick Thorburn.  The band utilizes fantastic harmonies and uses a simple but dynamic approach to songwriting.  The band’s sound can be compared to the styles of The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and the Kinks.

Devlin (Grime/Hip-Hop)

“Community Outcast”

Devlin (James Devlin)  is a London based Grime MC.  Devlin’s career began at the age of 15 after attending Brittons School and Technology College.  Like many grime artists starting on pirate radio stations, Devlin started on the pirate radio station, Flava FM.  His debut album, Bud, Sweat and Beers, is a great display of Devlin’s fast paced, shuffled delivery.  He features several collaborations including Giggs and Labrinth.

Faded Paper Figures (Synthpop/New Wave)

“North By North”

Faded Paper Figures, an Californian Indie Pop/Electronica band formed in 2007.  The band’s style is very much like of the bands The Postal Service and Owl City.  The simple male and female vocals are usually accompanied by a colorful blend of electronic and indie rock sounds.  Usually a smooth synthesized background is built upon by moving guitars and interesting beats.